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17 Aug

Reintroduced, with the unique fusion of flavours, the iced tea swaps soft drinks as a refreshing and natural alternative against heat.

Canned or bottled iced tea was surprisingly considered as the most popular drink in the rural areas of United States in the late 1980s.


This is again very interesting to know that this drink was used as a cocktail back then when ladies were not shy to drink in public.

Health benefits are luring many people towards cold iced tea drinks

Laced with loads of health benefits, iced tea is encouraging many to lead a carbonated free life. Tea is proven as a tremendous source of immune system-building antioxidants.


Some of the Health benefits are:

  • Stay hydrated with this icy warrior
  • High on antioxidant
  • Nerves take a chill pill with this stress-reducing agent
  • Good for your heart

Craving for those divine blends of Indian iced tea flavours

Here are the top 5 iced tea from Indian online tea store:

Mango Iced Tea– Melt into the tantalizing flavours of raw mangoes and cumin, a refreshing drink as we call it – Aam Salaam mango flavoured iced tea. Buy mango iced tea if you are an ardent fan of mangoes. The mix of flavours will remind you of the traditional Indian drink- Aam Panna.


Health-o-meter- Mix of cumin cures digestion; try it for a healthy heart.


Savanna-Spiced Apple Rooibos Iced Tea– Blend the punch of freshly squeezed juices, the rich smoothness of spiced apple cider tea and brewed apple rooibos tea and you have a chemistry of tastes that are, a little ‘umami’ and remarkably natural. Buy apple rooibos tea for amplified flavour which will blow your mind and works as an instant energy booster.


Health-o-meter- Full of antioxidants and loaded with cancer-preventing properties. High in minerals, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and iron.


Pina Colada Iced TeaThe hibiscus flavour is far too intense. The flavours of pineapple & tropical iced tea are very rich and play nicely together. It’s full-bodied and very satisfying for your taste buds. This cocktail pina colada tea India is the impeccable stimulant that you need for the hot and humid weather. Buy pineapple iced tea if you want to ease your senses!


Health-o-meter- Fuels the Metabolism, drops the stress hormones and helps in supporting your immune system.


Blue Lagoon- lemongrass, butterfly pea flower & lime–  Shot a nip of this mysterious, zesty tisane and see where it takes you. Perhaps you’ll find yourself floating in an azure-tinted lagoon, aromatic with fresh lime. Buy lemongrass tea and we are sure once dipped into your cup it will explode the fusion of Lemongrass leaves, Butterfly pea flower, Natural Lime flavours. Always buy from a trusted blue tea online India store to get the original taste.


Health-o-meter- Perfect drink for our pretty ladies as it helps to combat wrinkles and guard’s skin from premature ageing.


Tahiti- Tropical Berry Iced Tea Want a hint of the tropics any time of the year? Make a pitcher of this fruit infusion loaded with jammy notes from strawberries flavoured iced tea. This berry iced tea India is blended with passion fruit, hibiscus flowers, Cockscomb flowers & natural strawberries and brings a natural tropical flavour.


Health-o-meter- No caffeine, Full of Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory substance


So, what are you longing for? Get your favourite flavoured iced tea and enjoy the unruffled and uplifting sensation today! Try all these exotic flavours and guess what, you can easily buy from Indian online tea store Karma Kettle.


Buy tea online from our exclusive collection of gourmet tea blends. Our collection of teas and tisanes are second to none.

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