26 Oct

The time for lights, parties and laughter is here. Welcoming Diwali, means long card sessions, unending parties and a whole lot of entertaining. Entertaining is even more difficult for teetotalers and mocktails especially can be tome consuming unless one is very precise.


Allow us to bring to you a quick on stop solution- teabags for iced teas! Quick fix, no hassle and no additives, necessary.  Like all our teas, these are absolutely natural with no additional sugars or preservatives.


Inspired by local tastes and global travel – the following are perfect accompaniments with all finger foods- ranging from cocktail samosas to pinwheel sandwiches.



A beautiful ruby red drink , comes from a base of natural strawberries and hibiscus. It is also absolutely  decaffeinated,  make sit enjoyable for children and adults alike. Lovely to have when shaken with ice




Pina Colada needs no introduction- but this is the version that could not be easier to make. The notes of pineapple and coconut leave a strong after taste in the mouth that remind you of holidays spent on the beach. Lovely for a outdoor party!


The taste of this decaf tea, will take you back to your childhood. If mini samosas and pakodas are being served, this is your quick fix answer for those who love the legendary ‘aam panna’.

Aam Sallam



Rooibos and spiced apple drink is perfect for chilly evening garden parties. A natural  sweetness is lent to it by the cinnamon in the blend.



This ice tea is a gorgeous blue color, which turns to purple when lemon juice is added to it. A quick solution to with no artificial flavorings, these can easily be served to children as well.

Blue Lagoon

These gorgeous drinks are up for grabs at www.karmakettle.com.

If you are tempted to use them as a quick fix for your cocktails as well- we won’t tell, if you don’t.


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