11 Jan

Resolutions for the New Year is overrated, the only motive we have is to look forward to a new start. A fresh beginning need not be something out of the box or a way which consumes most of our time; it can be something fast and on the go routine. We have researched and found out most toxic activities which need to be omitted from our lives to give ourselves a boost to a better lifestyle.

Detoxifying is not an easy task in present day, as we are surrounded by pollution in ways we don’t even know about. Our skin, hair and internal organs are exposed to many invisible germs on a daily basis. So is our mind stuck at places of lesser importance, blinded by the marketing strategies of the artificial intelligence technology. In order to recover we need a balance of all things necessary and things that we want. If deciding those are difficult task then you are hooked on to the appropriate blog, based on the lifestyle of average salaried person we have jotted down few information that might be handy for your detox routine, as below:


  1. Cleanse your inner self after waking up.


What is the first thing you do when you wake up? If it’s checking your mobile or any other e-device then you are very near to get all toxic from the perils of electronic gadgets. Best possible way to stop that habit is to keep the devices at a distant place while sleeping. First thing at morning when you get up is to enjoy the beautiful morning scene outside your window or balcony. Detoxing your body with hot water and chia seeds (1 teaspoon) is very beneficial for digestion, improving metabolism and aids in body protein. If you are not a fan of chia then you can soak cucumber, sliced ginger and mint leaves over night in one litre of water, drink the water with of lime juice and additional luke warm water for a healthier body. Also most important thing for your stomach is a fulfilling breakfast, simple food that will keep you put throughout the day.

  1. Skin and hair detox.


Women are advised to wash the hair every alternative day, as the ph balance of hair stands suits the natural oil secretes from the scalp. For men regular hair wash’s are a mandate as it keeps it non greasy and removes the dirt that accumulates daily. Hot oil message with coconut/olive oil with any of your favourite essential oil is a great routine for de-stressing along with maintaining a good blood circulation in scalp area. Monthly spa treatment at home or salon is again a good option to keep your hair healthy. Any skin type requires drinking a lot of water to keep it hydrated, also scrubbing & polishing weekly at home or salon helps dead skin wear off thus making your skin plump and smooth. Drinking green tea with fruits or lavender tea is also very helpful for your skin, lookout for products which are natural and comes in pyramid tea bags because that is the best infusor for your cup of tea.

  1. Dealing with artificial intelligence.

There is nothing wrong with products that aid us in our daily activities, but too much dependence will only harm our brain to function logically. In the first world countries people are too much dependent on technology from reading books to aiding them to sleep, it’s all controlled by technology. After certain period it will not only affect you and your thinking ability but it may have effect on your genetic condition as said by few scientific researchers. In order to keep yourself busy and occupied think of the activities that you actually like doing apart from regular lurking on social media. A lot of violence can be spread through various social media platforms which will affect the thinking capacity of the brain and most of the time it’s used to manipulate from the real truth. Hence, choosing hobbies are very important that keep your mind engaged, as they are best for detoxifying the grey matter.

  1. A fresh start to your diet.


A diet is not really a diet if it doesn’t cater to your body type. Often we tend to blindly follow a fad created by the social media or different fashion magazines without understanding that the diet plans may or may not suite our body requirements. However, it is very important to understand the diet plans that are marketed can be influenced by a particular demography which may not suite the other. Locally grown vegetables, fruits and leaves should be an integral part of our diet as they are loaded with nutrients that our bodies need. A proper diet plan can either aid in weightloss or help you gain mass. A lot of diet plans created by nutritionists these days includes different liquid based food like smoothies, kombucha, matcha and weightloss teas. A mixture of the local and few high nutritional valued ingredients will not only suit your budget but also give you quicker result for your entire well being.

  1. How to keep away the toxic elements.


Keeping away from toxic elements is quite next to impossible in 21st century, but we can minimise its effect on our daily lives to a great extent. Firstly we need to understand what is really toxic for us and prioritise our daily activities accordingly. For example, few of you might experience sleeping disorders and take help of technology to overcome. This is not a natural phenomenon, being close or addicted to artificial aid will only distress. Alternative way for taking care of such problem is to drink chamomile tea before going to bed, it soothes the nerve and is a natural ingredient. Hygiene is very important part of our regular routine that helps keep away the toxic, so focusing on daily hygiene is important. Yoga or regular walking/running detoxes you in ways you will be amazed, sweat breaks down inner toxins and help you feel energized. Refraining yourself from things you like to do or eat should not be your detox plan, but limiting the things you do not need is something that needs to be focused on.



While we are all excited about our New Year resolutions, there is a very important thing that should be added to that resolution list that is detoxing ourselves. Why so? Because, detoxing facilitates in well being of health entirely and accomplish more than one goal for the body. Be it weightloss, insomnia, digestion issues or any other problem; Detox plan and the pointers you read above will definitely help you resolve it.


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