05 Apr

Blue is the warmest colour and so is a cup of tea. The raging popularity of the “Blue tea” is hard to be oblivious to if you are a tea-lover. This beauty in blue is the star of the hour which brings us to today’s discussion. This very ‘in vogue’ blue tea, popularly known as the Blue butterfly-pea flower tea is a magical concoction of the leaves of the Clitoria ternatea plant and dried lemongrass. This caffeine-free herbal tea is a beverage made by a decoction of the funnel-shaped flowers of this plant. The Clitoria ternatea is a tropical plant belonging to the Fabaceae plant family which originated and is widely available in South East Asia. The natives of the region have been brewing this tea for centuries but it has been very recently introduced into the popular tea-drinking culture as it gains its sky-high fandom.



Besides its dense earthy flavour, Blue Butter-pea flower tea attains an exotic blue colour when brewed. But the most fascinating attribute still is the fact that this beverage can change colour. From a clear midnight blue, it can transform to a dramatic violet the instant it comes in contact with an acidic liquid, for instance, lemon juice.



The blue butterfly-pea flower tea is consumed as both a hot and cold beverage and is used in alcoholic beverages nowadays too. Restaurants, pubs and cafes all across the world are including blue pea tea into their menus adding on to the existing buzz.


This divine soul pleaser comes with an array of medicinal properties. Blue pea tea benefits the human body in innumerable ways. To begin with, the blue pea tea is loaded with antioxidants. It has been proven to work wonders on your hair and skin. It has also been proven to improve eyesight and it contains properties to fight anxiety and depression. Studies show that the blue pea tea is beneficial for treating diabetes, issues related to blood pressure, hypertension and asthma. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and holds the potential to cure fever or the common cold. It is one of the unique plants that is said to have cyclotides which gives the blue tea anti-HIV and anti-cancerous properties. The blue butterfly pea flower tea can be termed as a magical potion that has a positive and comprehensive effect on the human body and mind.


While blue butterfly pea flower tea has been available for sometime across the world, in India it’s popularity is only growing. Many lifestyle writers, food bloggers, consultants and celebrities are endorsing drinking blue tea. Blue tea is one of the top web searched teas. It comes as no surprise that many in the Indian tea industry are developing blue tea products to meet the demand.


Karma Kettle stocks two exquisite Blue butterfly-pea tea blends that will astound your mind and excite your taste buds. There’s Nightingale, Silver tips white tea with butterfly pea flower and jasmine and a citrus inspired blend called Blue Lagoon, that combines Butterfly pea flower with lemongrass and lime. Both make for a excellent base for Blue Tea cocktails.



This summer, pamper your soul with the freshness and enigmatic flavour of the magical blue potion. Grab your favourite box of Blue butterfly-pea flower tea right away.


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