21 Aug

From Ayurveda to Rig Veda Wellness Tea Was Part of Our Culture since Ages: Buy Authentic Tea Online In India

If your day does not kick off until you sip of your favourite brew and if you are a health conscious, then undoubtedly, a wellness tea blend(s) is all that you need to steer to from your regular cup. Though wellness teas are pretty new in the market the herbs used to make them are part of our culture since ages.


Wellness teas in India– Ancient connexions

Many people assume that tea has been commercialized during the era of the British Empire. But bestowing to the documented proofs, the antiquity of drinking tea in India dates as early as 750 BC. At that time, it was not a business as it is today. As a matter, of course, it was used by monks and priests who consumed them to stay alert. Later it was tapped for its healing properties, like the herbal tea in India is present since the Ayurveda age where they used these herbs to cure common ailments.


What Are wellness teas collection?

Wellness teas are irreplaceable fusions of tea (Camellia sinensis) and diverse types of herbs with explicit physical and emotional benefits. And, these are not like from regular blends since, unlike other teas, these fuse assortment of botanicals, specifically herbs and occasionally spices to run your body with steered benefits.


Top 5 Wellness Tea Blends: Soulful VoyageToA World Of Flavours

By fusing these unusual top 5 wellness blends of teas in your lifestyle, you can open yourself to a world of limitless flavours and mystic health benefits!


Rebuild your immune system with Ananda – Green Tea with Tulsi, Ginger, and Marigold

We all have grown up hearing the magical benefits of tulsi, ginger and marigold now you can relish them all as a green tea to get rid of Monday blues and a sip or two will relieve you from stress, digestive disorders and the divine aroma of ginger will surely pump up your spirits. You can buy tulsi ginger tea online in the comfort of your home.


Calm your senses with Bliss- Chamomile & Lemongrass, Caffeine Free Infusion

This is a perfect blend to pacify your senses with this revitalising brew of chamomile flowers & lemongrass leaves. Chamomile lemongrass tea benefits to heal your mind and body. Buy chamomile tea in India to ease stress and curing stomach disorders. Also loaded with anti-fungal & anti-inflammatory properties.


Get a good sleep with Karakoram – Lavender, Seabuckthorn& Nettle- Caffeine Free

This aromatic herbal melange is also called aromatherapy tea has been a source of inspiration from the Hindukush mountain range. Lavender Caffeine Free tea aids sleep, alleviates tension and soothes skin inflammations. Buy sleep aid tea from trusted stores near you or best will be to order online.


Experience Purest Form of Green Tea with Matcha Mandarin tea

Imported Japanese Matcha tea is best known as the purest form of green tea from the Far East. This tea has the power to balance your state of mind, body, and spirit anytime. Many know this as Matcha powder for desserts but you will be surprised that it is made up of compressed green tea leaves after they’ve been deveined and stone ground. The effects are sugary than infused green tea and extra intense with rich antioxidants.


Witness the class of tea with Shangrila – Darjeeling Silver Needles White Tea


Coming straight from the queen of hills this tea has its own class.

An undiluted tea is yielded from the uppermost two leaves and a bud that is hand-picked in the early spring. Buy white silver needles tea to get the benefits of rich antioxidants that absorb fat.



So, now that you know about the world of benefits wellness teas bring to your cup, feel free to sip your favourite blend along with your regular diet and the good part is that wellness teas sell online. Buy wellness teas online to know why you should switch to a better lifestyle!


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