27 Sep

The multiple charms of green tea have not only made it a favourite among the tea lovers but also helped it gather praises from various researchers around the world. Green tea is being termed as the healthiest beverage that one can have and has become popular throughout the world after its origin in China. Green tea contains multiple beneficial chemical compounds, which can help in improving blood flow and reduce cholesterol levels. This tea is also rich in health-boosting antioxidants helps to advance brain function. It is now being used widely in the fight against obesity and to promote weight loss.


Tea has always been a central part of the food culture in the city of Kolkata and is as much popular in the street corners as it is in a breakfast table. For the visitors in the city, special flavours of tea can be a great choice for gifts from Kolkata to the loved ones. With the upcoming Bengali festive season of Durgapuja, we will discuss some of the best flavours of tea that has been specially crafted as a tribute to Kolkata and its food culture.


Kolkata Series- Lebu Cha

This is a special concoction of the best tea leaves and the unique flavour of lime resulting in the original Bengali lebu cha that will take you down the memory lane to some moments of your student life in the streets of Kolkata. Rich in flavour and aroma, this can be one of the best Kolkata souvenirs that you can use as a gift.


Nolen Gur &Khejur Cha

This is a unique blend of the best quality of tea with the much admired, natural flavour of nolengur along with premium quality dates. The blend captures the taste of one of the most celebrated flavours of Bengal in a cup of tea making this creamy and delicious taste a must for those with a sweet tooth.


Kolkata Series- Paan Chai

This tea captures the juicy taste of the typical Kolkata paan, which has its prestigious place in the list of Kolkata street food. This tea blends the delightful taste of betel leaves integrated with some special spices, in a high-grade CTC leaf tea. It provides the tea lovers with a true taste of Calcutta or the present day Kolkata. The balanced taste and aroma of this tea are sure to please your senses and make this your favourite drink after meals.



The upcoming DurgaPuja festival is the best time to revel in the Bengali culture and enjoy some of the best tastes from the city of joy. These specially made Kolkata series teas will tingle your taste buds in the right way and provide an authentic flavour of items like the Kolkata street chai and the delightful paan. In case, you are planning for some gifts to send to some near and dear ones, especially to those who are away from the city, these flavours can be a perfect choice.


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