24 Jan

Tea has been a critical part of our lifestyle for thousands of years. Well-known for providing health, happiness, and wisdom, it is religiously used in many countries around the world. It is not only super-effective in curing your mood on a sick and dreary day but also contains a plethora of health benefits that you desperately need. Researchers have found that regular intake of tea can cure various diseases related to heart, cholesterol, and obesity while strengthening and stimulating your immune system.




If you are confused about choosing the right tea for your specific needs, here are some different types and their benefits that you need to incorporate into your lifestyle.


Black Tea– Well known for reducing the risk of stroke and heart problems, black tea will be an exceptionally beneficial inclusion in your daily intake. They have the highest caffeine content so if you are looking for a tea that can help you gain your lost energy on a busy day, black tea is what you need. Some studies have also shown that black tea can protect your lungs from damage by over-consumption of cigarettes.


Green Tea– One of the most well-known and popular type, green tea is well known for its effectiveness in losing weight and obesity-related problems. What most people do not know is that it also helps to constrict the growth of cancerous cells as well as prevents brain cell deterioration. It has a detoxing effect which helps in losing any extra body weight. Drinking it daily also strengthens your immune system, provides antioxidants, and helps repair damaged cells in your body.


Oolong Tea– Oolong tea is the perfect hybrid of older teas and encompasses a plethora of their advantages and health benefits. It has a high caffeine content which enables it to provide energy and rejuvenation to your tired body and mind. It is loaded with antioxidants that will help you lead a better and healthier lifestyle. Well-known for lowering cholesterol and reducing clot-formation, oolong tea also boosts metabolism and weight loss.


White Tea– Most people are ignorant of the numerous health benefits that consumption of white tea avails. The least processed tea of all types, white tea protects your skin and keeps it younger looking. It also has numerous antiviral and antibacterial properties that can help you get a better and stronger immune system. It can help speed up your fat-burning process and get healthier and rejuvenated skin and hair.


Darjeeling Tea– Rich in antioxidants, Darjeeling tea neutralized any harmful and unstable chemicals in your digestive system. Studies have also proven that regular intake of Darjeeling tea can benefit your cardiovascular health and protect you from coronary artery diseases. It increases your bone density and protects the older age group from the risk of osteoporosis. It contains caffeine which makes it the perfect drink for long and tiring days.


Tisane Tea– Tisane tea does not come from the traditional tea leaf and are generally flavoured tea like fruit, floral, or herbal tea you can find in the market. They are caffeine-free and the perfect alternative for those people who do not want to consume any caffeine but still want to avail the numerous benefits of herbal tea. They are great in reducing stress, fever, vomiting, as well as relieving PMS issues and digestive discomforts.


These teas, with their numerous health benefits, will be a perfect addition to your lifestyle. Just choose your favourite tea and let it rejuvenate your body and mind.


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