23 Jun
All of us love a good nice cup of piping hot tea, but have you ever thought about how to get creative with this leaf in other ways? We found some fun ways to use tea in our food! Whether you’d like to add grassy, herbal, sweet or smoky notes to your cooking – tea is a great tool to add to your dishes for an extra layer of flavour. Here  are some ideas:

1.Cookies / Biscuits:


Instead of eating the same old baked goods, try infusing some cooking dough or batter with loose leaf tea leaves that you’ve ground up into powder. Use a grinder, mortar & pestle or even just your hands. Add two tablespoons of your tea of choice to go into the dough, and add this to your granulated sugar. Bake your cookies the way you usually would, and voila!


2. Dairy:

A really smart way to infuse any of your dairy items – milk, yoghurt, cream – is by using looseleaf tea, after straining after all the leaves. Add a tea concoction to any dairy to create a creamy base of your choice. Sencha and Matcha can add earthy notes to a bechamel or pasta sauce, while herbal tisanes (mint, chamomile, lemon) are great for adding citrus or fresh notes to curries. Matcha icecream is currently trending!


3. Desserts:


Add a strong concoction of your fruity or floral teas to any icecream, sorbet or even granita mix to transform your dessert into a gourmet dish. This fusion will leave you with a really interesting, new way to entertain friends and family at the end of a meal. Play with popsicles, dairy and setting methods. Some folks like to dip tea leaves in caramel sauce and sprinkle it on top as a topping too, for a bittersweet mouthful.


4.Use It As a Rub:

Found all over the south west USA – tea is a common ingredient in the overall mix of the meat rub that is used during BBQ’s and steak cooking. Yes we have the usual salt, brown sugar, garlic in the mix, but it’s really the tea that elevates the dish and imparts a deep smoky scent and flavour into the meat. A true infusion that was paired in heaven.



5.Pasta / Pizza Base:


Knead your crushed tea leaves into pasta or pizza dough for a really interesting bite. Not only will you have deep bags of flavour in your food, but it’ll also look stunning and different. Play with different breads and flours with your teas, to see which combo you like the most.



 Infuse your tea into butter to make a jar full of tea butter. You can slather this onto your toast, fry eggs with it or even just use it in any form of your cooking. To do this, just add your tea leaves to unsalted room temperature butter. Knead it in until soft and pliable, and store away in the fridge for future usage. You can even add it to your existing peanut or almond butter!


7.Stir Fry:

Take your boring old veggies and give them a spin by infusing tea into the frying process. Just pick the heartier, fuller teas for this to work best. Green tea is a great option, as the leaves tend to unfurl and disintegrate when they hit the hot pan. This imparts the dish with a lovely nutty flavour.

We dont know about you, but thats got us running to the kitchen! Have any other cooking ideas or tips? Do let us know and we’d love to share them with everyone else to enjoy too.
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Yours, one cup at at time,
The Karma Kettle Team.