22 Dec

Winters, mean romance in the air. It means cozying up, at the end of day, with your loved one and a warm cup of tea. Here are some cute date night ideas that will uplift your creativity level, and some which are really within our budget. Make priceless memories this winter, with Karma by your side.


  1. Book yourselves a wine tasting session:

There are many groups or clubs that conduct wine tasting sessions. Knowing your partners taste in wine can say a lot about them, such as the right sort of Chardonnay or sauvignon will help you understand your partner’s personality. At the end of the session, if your partner still remembers your preferences, you know you have got the right person by your side.


  1. A date on terrace:

A perfect bonfire setting on the terrace with an arrangement of barbecue can add fun to your evening.  Take out an old mattress and savour a wholesome glass of tea infused cocktails such as the chamomile tea cocktail. It’s a bonus if your partner and you connect over the magic of starry winter night and good music.

  1. Go out for a high tea:

A date over few cups of tea and tea cakes, cookies, quiche adds a British element to your evening. The plan is to spend leisure time over good cup of exotic tea and enjoy some nibbles; which will help you focus on conversations. Often we miss out on good chats over dinner or lunch dates.



  1. Go to a local theatre:

In the era of multiplex and deluxe movie theatres, opera or theatre holds a special place. It has more emotional connectivity with the audience than commercial movies. Select an opera show which connects you both and take out your partner for a show that will be memorable.


  1. Conduct a story reading night:

Discussing about your favorite stories and authors helps you understand your date’s interests in a better way. It is not necessary to like the similar things which are why taking an initiative to show interest in your partner’s interest will show that you care. Good bonding happens over stories which are your favorite and you remember why you both got connected at the first place.



  1. Go out for camping:

As far as cheap date ideas go, it doesn’t get much less expensive than camping. You typically pay to reserve a site and that’s about it. There can be some additional fees if you choose to rent fishing or hunting equipment, mountain bikes, kayaks etc but that’s entirely up to you. Camp in your own tent instead of renting a cabin, reserve a site that is a bit further away from the action, bring your own fishing poles, and invest in a roof or bike rack so you can bring your own stuff.



  1. Set up a photo shoot:

All the moments captured are moments that we look back at to cherish the past.”Life is uncertain so we should live the moment as if it is our last day”, if you and your date agree to it then definitely get a couple photo shoot done at your apartment or the neighborhood park or your favorite restaurant.


       8. Take your partner to dancing:

Dancing brings out the many hidden traits of your date. It’s the best and pocket friendly way to get to study actions of the individual. You can find out so many things from the body language. Body language like eye contacts, dance moves will bring out the romanticism in you. This is a great therapy too for couples having issues in relations to resolve, at one date.


         9. Head out for a short road trip:

Pick a destination about an hour from where you live it could be anything from a flea market to a restaurant off the beaten path and just drive. Or else you can plan a drive for an entire day to any secluded spot where you can have lunch together and then drive back home at night. This is a great fun activity for a date in winters as the weather is pleasant and you can drive really long without getting tired.



10. Play Tourist


Decide to play tourist for the day in your hometown, going everywhere from the museum, to the major landmark, to the most famous restaurant in town. Enjoying your native place as a tourist could be a lot of fun. You can tell your date about the fun memories you have of that place.

These ideas of a date in winter will definitely give your partner the right kind of chills. Enjoy the months of winter even better along with your partner and this amazing date ideas.




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