13 Feb

Love comes in many shapes and sizes. Many colors, and sometime many sexes. Pure love, is appreciating all of them. The world today is an unkind place for any love that is different. We judge if the tea is not had with too much sugar, we judge if its not.  Our humble plea today, is to let love just be.

Often there are unexpected flavors like Tiramisu, like Paan, like Red velvet, which take us Puritans by surprise. But it’s only a matter of the freedom of choice.


Lets come together to celebrate the less appreciated loves of our lives:


  • Love for parents- The simplest sort of love is the one we share with our parents. A day of love need not only mean romantic love. Let us take a moment to reflect on the people who truly loved us, without reason or logic- our parents. Sometimes, a hug, a dinner and a phone call is enough to let them know we too are thinking of them. After all, nothing compares to the warm embrace of a parent that has all our childhood rolled into one.


  • Love for pets: Parenting pets 101 teaches us, what unconditional love can be. Whether you are a mom/dad to a dog, a cat or a parakeet- the love of a pet can keep you company when you are lonely, bestow you with responsibilities and make you do things you didn’t imagine you are capable of.


  • Love for a friend: The most underrated relationship is that of a friend. Someone who holds us steady through the ups and downs of life. It is only a friend that sees you from your first love to your last. This week of love, call that old friends, drop him/her a message and say “Thank You” for being in my life. “Thank you, for being you”


  • Love for the inclusivity: It has been a year since homosexuality has been decriminalized by the Supreme Court of India, yet we , as the general public have not been able to welcome the LGBTQ in our lives with open arms. Although it is a huge step forward for our country as a whole- the day to day life of people has not changed much. This week of love, we urge you to open your hearts to let love in. Let us be more appreciative and tolerant of each other, consciously if not naturally. Let us appreciate all #flavoursoflove.


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