11 Dec

Winter means a lot of cleberation and festivities, lots of food and drinks, lots of merry making and copious amounts of lethargy. Don’t let the cold dull your party spirits. Here are some hacks to help you harmonize with the season and make winter as much fulfilling and fun as the other seasons.

  1. Follow a fun winter care routine :


Following the same routine for summer and winter can be challenging. We are free individuals who love every shade and hue of life.So let’s play with the colors of winter and spread happiness among all. Regular office mornings can be spiked with a bit of early morning yoga that will keep you energetic and warm throughout the day. Skipping shower is common in winter, but let’s not forget keeping body at normal temperature is also important. Hence replace shower with a hot sponge rub for a merrier you. Take those piled up holidays and go out on a turf with your buddies or family for a good hiking experience. Visit peaceful valleys, tea garden estates and destination spa therapies to bring about an edge to your winter months. Adulting does not have to mean you can’t treat yourself to a vacation.


  1. Take care of your skin:



Skin care is so important during winter, as proper care throughout winter leaves a mark on your skin for the entire year. Use bright shades of lip tint and embrace the fun colors of winter. Men need to moisturize their skin in winter even if you think you don’t need it. Harmful UV rays can take a toll on your skin, so make sure you have put on enough sunscreen on exposed skin. Replace your wet wipes with something healthier because wet wipes can have residues that block your pores. Use green tea as a skin toner, it is natural and soothes irritation on your skin. Lastly, before you sleep do not forget to use a moisturizer.


  1. Prioritize your appearance:



Style your outfit with vibrant cardigans, cool leather jackets and funky accessories.  Also do not forget to style your hair, you need to oil it once a week and wash regularly (or atleast alternative days for long hair).

Did you know black tea is a great aid to hair loss? The caffeine blocks DHT, the hormone responsible for hair loss, also its usage reduces grey hair in due course. Usage of black tea liquor after shampoo and before conditioning will do the trick.


  1. Ways to keep your mind focused:

It’s pretty difficult to put your mind to work on winter months, because of the cold and lethargy. Start your morning with vibrant drinks like santaberry tea or mint tea to refresh your mood with wholesome breakfast. Do drink at least 3 litres of water a day, though you may not feel like it but your body needs it. Curl up with a good book to take your mind off work.Before pushing off to sleep do not forget to meditate for minimum of 15 minutes with some soft yoga music on.


  1. Throw a winter party at your place:

Do not become a couch potato and do some social work by helping your friends with a good party to remember year long. Get some nice fairy lights on sale from websites like Amazon, bigbasket and ebay that adds cool quotient to your drawing room. Cook some good finger food or order pizza (if you are too lazy). And make some nice diy cocktails with color changing blue tea, oolong tea or fresh fruit juices. Brew a little jingle bells tea– and shake it up with whiskey and ice for a lovely dark chocolate and orange flavored tea cocktail. Add on good music on your phone from free music sites and play it on shuffle, your party scene will be sorted.

  1. Stay active:

Do not let the winter chill disrupt your workout routine. Mostly over eating and extra hours of sleep take a toll over winter fitness regime so find ways to stay active and fit. Go for an evening walk or run in the morning hours before work it helps to detoxify your body, keeps you in shape. Staying active has to do a lot with your energy levels , which will help you to party till you drop. Also consumption of energy pills or drinks is not advised as they have toxic effects on the body, rooibos drink is a newfound energy supplement. It is a South African herb taken from leaves of shrubs, aids you better with energy like any other artificial energy drink. Stock up on  our Christmas blend- Spiced Apple Rooibos to offer your guests something interesting each time they visit,


Although winter can be dampening, lets look at the bright side. Celebrate the festivities, enjoy the cold, savour that hot cup of tea and enjoy the annual mega tea sale with 25% off on all products on www.karmakettle.com,



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