26 Oct

This Diwali while choosing the perfect gift for friends and family, you might want to consider the gift of good health and prosperity. Instead of wishing good health this year you should start gifting things which matter to your loved ones, here we have compiled a list of good habits which you cannot afford to miss this festive season.

  1. Something to soothe the body: There are options in Spa and fitness centres across the country during the festive season for buying gift cards online, they are the best thing you can gift to your loved one for a good detox session and  to rejuvenate the body. If you are willing to do the smart work you might strike a deal which is easy on pockets and saves you enough to buy yourself the same deal. Check out the apps like Little app, Nearbuy, Grabon, CouponDunia etc for lucrative deals on spa and fitness centres.
  2. Something for the spirit: To uplift the mood and spirit of your loved one you just need one magic, which is tea. A good Darjeeling tea is a great mood lifter and boosts the metabolism to help you gain energy through the rest of the day. While there are tisanes like Chamomile tea which soothes your mind and puts it at rest, calms you down thus it makes a great drink before bedtime. Tea gift is the best buy, if you are on budget but you want something unique and luxurious. There is a tea for every palette, if you may not happen to know what to choose then look out for tasting notes and health benefits at Karma Kettle.com which will help you choose the right quality and type you want to gift. Also there are options for choosing tea gift boxes and customizing with festive greetings notes at Karma Kettle teas.
  3. Something for the mind: Learning a new skill and socializing with likeminded people is a great mind booster for any individual. Do some research work, find your friends & family workshops which are related to their skill set, or if you think your friend is great at some particular thing and is reluctant to pursue that hobby this will be the extra push to make that person start something which he / she actually enjoys. There are a number of workshops on clay art, painting and doodle workshop, cooking classes, stitching workshops, photography workshops etc which is very easy to spot out via social media applications like Facebook, instagram, Linkedin, twitter, LBB app, Popxo app. So grab the best deal while you can and surprise your loved ones with the best gift ever for Diwali.
  4. Something for the community: Everyone is looking for a way to stay fitter and stronger, but the real strength lies in your community. So in order to gain strength and stay better you need to invest in your community, make a difference this diwali by contributing time, money, clothes, books or kindness to improve your community. Why waste on unnecessary expenses every year diwali, when that amount of your money/time can buy smiles on the faces of people who are deprived of it. There are organisations which donate directly to NGOs, natural calamity zones, people who are fighting illness or people simply living on streets; government organizations are also there who can provide same facilities with added benefits like tax exemption on the money you donate. Few of the organizations/websites which are doing these noble activities are Give India, Care India Solutions, Smile Foundation India, Save the Children, World Vision, Maps of India etc.

We are social animals; hence we are the best judges for what is good for us and our society. Gifting always comes with its pros and cons but one thing we receive out of it, is the smile that lightens up the faces of our loved ones. Choosing the perfect gift is never easy, but why to repeat the same old gift every year, when we can surprise and make it very memorable gift with a little time & effort. The above mentioned tricks will work the magic for you, gift good health this diwali because this is the time of festivity, time to share love and joy with people who matter the most.


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