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29 Sep

Diwali is not only the festival of light, but it also celebrates the spirit of togetherness and family bonding. Tea is a popular drink in almost every family of the country and a common thread that binds the members together. A tea gift assortment consisting of some exotic flavours can be an ideal gift for almost anyone. While selecting the best gifts for your family members during Diwali, tea gift baskets or tea gift cards can be great options as gifts.

Types of tea

Tea is not only a beverage that helps to boost our systems with energy, but it also has multiple health benefits. There are various types of tea available throughout the world, and a few important ones are listed below.

  • Black tea is the most abundantly available type of tea where the leaves are fully oxidised. It has a strong flavour and has higher caffeine content.
  • Green tea provides a wide range of health benefits tea regarding nutrients and anti-oxidants present in it and is a highly recommended drink for gaining overall health benefits and to enhance weight loss.
  • Oolong tea comes between black and green tea regarding the oxidation process and the overall caffeine content. It has distinct flavours and aromas that exude freshness.
  • White tea is one of the most tantalising forms of tea and is prepared from leaf buds. It has a relatively subtle taste along with the natural It is generally hand processed and brewed in low temperatures.

One needs to choose the right tea gift company, which can provide the best tea packs ideal for gifting. We are listing some of the best tea packs available as gifts.

Tara gift box

This gift box is artistically crafted with four chambers, two of which contains two best categories of tea. The other two chambers can be filled with typical Diwali gifts like dry fruits or chocolates, making it a perfect combination.

Himalaya in my teacup Loose Leaf

This gift can remind one about the majesty and freshness of the Himalayas as it contains three special varieties of tree grown in the mountains. The three varieties put in this beautiful jute gift box are

  • Himalayan Moonshine
  • Darjeeling red Thunder Autumnal Flush
  • Golden Buds Loose leaf tea

Chai Collection gift box

For those who love the true taste of Indian chai, this can be a great option to choose from gourmet tea gift baskets. This box contains three special flavours, which include the following types of tea.

  • Paan chai is an innovative mix of the best tea with betel leaves.
  • Ayurvedic chai contains various natural ingredients, which enhances overall health.
  • Benares chai, which has the typical taste of the traditional masala chai.

Apart from these tea boxes, you will also find various other blends of flavours and items like Japanese tea gift set and tea kettle gift set which can be the right choice as gifts.


Gifting the right tea box can be a great way to liven up the festive evenings with a few specially brewed cups of the best beverage. So go ahead and make the best choice out of the various options available in the market.


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