Taiwan Oolong tea
22 Jul

A handpick choice that marks in an aromatic infusion but it also has, of course, terrific infusions. Such is the case of “Taiwan Oolong tea”, which stands out above the rest.

But other than drilling oolong from a technical outlook, have you ever marvelled what the name “oolong” means, and if there’s a history backed with its coming into being? You will be flabbergasted to learn that the name oolong was not fashioned on a craze for advertising purpose nor based on any geographic location where the tea was originated, but somewhat curtailed from a 280-plus year legend in China, who accidentally invented the world famous Chinese Oolong tea.

Origins of Oolong- Taiwan High Mountain Tea

The history of Chinese tea is an elongated and long-winded story of fine-tuning. Peers of cultivators and makers have perfected the Chinese way of producing tea, along with its many irreplaceable local variations. To many, Chinese tea is not just leaves of Camellia sinensis suffused in hot water – authentic ginseng oolong tea is an act, an experience. Philosophies across the globe have urbanized told traditions spinning around the service of tea.

Availability of Variants

Ginseng oolong tea is one of the four main types of Chinese tea available in Karma Kettle an online tea store in India. The variants are white, green, and black. Each main classification can outlet into factually thousands of varieties, each one bearing its own distinctive characteristic. All tea can offer delightful flavour, come up with many fitness benefits, and give folks an era of sipping a pleasure.

Incredible Health Benefits

Lately in India Oolong tea has gained its popularity because of its weight loss property and it also generates a soothing process within that is astonishing also has age-long cleansing and digestive benefits to add on. A high-quality Oolong is going to be very stimulating and enjoyable, very pleasing to the palette as a whole and elevating to your life.

What’s your Perfect Moment?

Being a green tea, but with a much more manifest essence and not so conventional aromas, maybe not for all times of the day. But you can always find a perfect moment. At night, after dinner; in a laid-back afternoon break where you need to make a breakdown with what you are doing; in a chat with friends, which will also be a blameless excuse to make it happen to them. In short, you will know when the dead-on moment will be as soon as you try it.

Where can you buy Ginseng Oolong Tea India?

Before you purchase online tea from any random site make sure you take a moment and rely only on the trusted website one such website is Karma Kettle which provides you with a wide range of India’s finest tea selection hand-picked, sun-withering which will undoubtedly cherish your taste buds for a long time. You can buy Taiwan tea, ginseng tea, and other variants online so give it a shot and check out some of your options in the world of Oolong tea.


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