17 Nov

The months of chills are here already, the weather outside might be just dreadful but is it worth to miss all the fun that could brighten up our souls?

This winter book yourself for a treat! Plan a holiday to the hills with your family or friends and make the most out of it. The view in winter months is something you don’t get a chance to witness in all the other seasons, also there are so many fun activities you should add to that bucket list of yours. Travel during winters can be very beneficial; this heals the body and mind in certain ways which the bustling city life cannot impart.

We have jotted down 6 fun things for you which will make you happy and will involve your family, friends that make cosy memories for years to come! Let’s not focus on the grim of the season, instead let’s make the most of it with these warming up activities and winter travel aesthetics, which is the essence of the merry-making season.

  1. Sledging in the snow.

Go for a sledge party with your kids, spouse or friends to the fun and activity zones in snow-covered areas where it is safe to sledge. You will be provided with all the things you need, sledging boards to woollen gloves, boots to cover you from hideous frostbite. If you are a local and don’t want to spend extra for the sledging activity then you can make your own sledge with the help of trash or waste you have put in your garage/basement. Every household has big plastic tumblers/containers you can put it to use by cutting edges, smoothening the edges and then rubbing some wax beneath to make it glide friendly in snow. Alternatively, wooden planks or air mattresses will work just fine if you are not willing to use anything with plastic.

  1. Build a snowman.

All you need is patience and some good shovel skills to build a good snowman. Gather up your fun crafts from last falls, like buttons, sparkles, coloured ribbons, hats, scarves and a cute carrot; things which you would want your snowman to be.  Make as many of your Instagram and Facebook memories with this handy snowman of yours as they are the best ones worth keeping.

  1. Go Winter Hiking


However stressful it may sound, winter hiking beholds its own beauty. Reason being, the trail remains much less crowded, second of all the view you get is priceless as its never the same again in summer. So if you are thinking about your winter activities you might want to start planning the trip soon. Basics that should cover you well for the hike is the clothes that make you stay warm, sturdy boots with ice friendly bottom, first aid kit, headlamp as it might get misty in the daytime too, compass, fire starters, knife and choose a trail which you are familiar to.

  1. Book a cottage/spa therapy amidst the hills

Google up places which are aloof from the crowd in hilly areas or get a spa therapy booking for you and your spouse this winter. If you are a casual traveller and only travel for leisure this should be your best getaway. Nothing could be more thrilling for you than having a hot cup of lemongrass spiked chamomile tea with a view that is a breath taking at the cottage balcony.

  1. Prepare a pot of Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine or spiced wine is best made with full-bodied red wine but you can use any dry red wine of your choice. Cabernet Sauvignon would fit best to make this pot of heavenly delicious drink which will get your friends and family hooked back this holiday season. For an extra kick to the wine, you can add in bourbon whiskey, dark rum or any good oaky whiskey. You can Google up the recipe for making perfect spiced or mulled wines at the comfort of your own home. Taking this to your hill station trip makes you the hero.

  1. Be a help to the society

The season might be for holidays and merrymaking for some of us but unfortunately for few it is that time when they have no shelter to be cosy in also no warm clothes to beat the chills. We have to take a step forward to help them out, share our food, warm clothes and some humanity to make them feel good so that we as a society grow together. There are lot of charities who hand out warm clothes and food to these people, if you want to take upon the good karma upon yourself you can hand it out to these people by your own as well. People in the mountains are the most simple people of all, handing them a few warm clothes and food will induce the happiness of your winter journey.

These are the best way to have fun and make your winters memorable for time is short and we need to make the most of it live happily with our family & friends!





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