Green Tea
02 Feb

Considered to be a type of traditional tea that is enjoyed across the world, green tea was first cultivated only in India and China. All the current variations of green tea come with the same benefits and sometimes more. The similar benefits are because of how the leaves are processed. The differences lie in the addition of herbs, flowers and other aromas like peppermint to enhance taste and flavour. There is also a Japanese green tea variation that has been found to contain more than 60 percent more anti-oxidants than the Chinese green tea.

Japanese vs. Chinese Green Teas

Both the Japanese and the Chinese version come from the same plant Camellia Sinensis. This slimming green tea from the land of the rising sun retains its green colour, and is called Matcha. Available in the powder form, this green colour is because the leaves are covered with mats before being harvested in May and then lightly steamed to prevent fermentation. This results in the leaves producing more chlorophyll and hence, the green colour. Once both have been harvested, the tea leaves of the Chinese green tea and the Japanese green tea are dried. Matcha is a result of pulverising the tea leaves, while the Chinese green tea is shaped into a ball, twisted or laid flat. There have been studies that proves because of their different harvesting methods, the Matcha slimming green tea variation comes with more health benefits. Furthermore, because it is available in the powder form, we consume more when drinking Matcha than the Chinese green tea.

Green Tea is Rich in Antioxidants

One of the biggest benefits of green tea is its antioxidants called polyphenols. Free radicals can destroy our immunity and cause other ailments. The conditions are further aggravated mainly because of our unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise. Drinking two to three cups of green tea daily helps restore the antioxidants needed by our body. It also boosts metabolism, enhances oxidation of fats, boosts our immune system and lowers the triglycerides and cholesterol levels in our body. These benefits of green tea are actually what makes it a popular beverage.

Green Tea Helps in Weight Loss

Also known as the slimming green tea, sipping green tea daily especially post-exercise helps in establishing a healthy body-muscle-fat balance. It also helps in attaining a healthy ratio of blood-glucose levels which in turn reduces cravings and thereby help individuals to lose weight faster. It is also said to increase the rate of thermogenesis which is basically the fat metabolising process. Irrespective of which green tea you prefer – the Japanese or the Chinese – the slimming green tea is rightly named so.

Other Benefits of Green Tea

Besides the antioxidants and weight loss properties of green tea, this magical tea also comes with other benefits. If you are on a green tea diet, chances are that you do not suffer from any inflammatory-related problems and your heart is healthy. The tea is said to further soothe all kinds of gastrointestinal tract related problems, making it the perfect beverage to sip when you have a tummy upset.


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