Health Benefits of Darjeeling Tea
25 Aug

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name ‘Darjeeling’? Indeed, it is the stunning mountain range and musky tea of the province. This Himalayan terrain is eminent for pure Darjeeling tea. Diverse varieties of the blend are available here like, oolong, white, black and green tea are the ultimate gifts for tea lovers. Graceful colour, bloom and tantalizing aroma of Darjeeling melange make it the desired brew for all. Darjeeling tea industrialists take the greatest care to preserve these distinctive characteristics of the blends of this state.


Top 10 Health Benefits of Darjeeling Tea Fusions


1) Anti-diabetic

Studies led on elder people have proven that those who are even moderately habituated to the intake of tea can evade Type-2 Diabetes as compared to people who do not suffer from the condition. Darjeeling tea can aid diabetics in more ways than one.


2) Weight control benefits

Tea from Darjeeling tea estates is a rich source of caffeine, which can avert additional weight gain. The ingredient boosts metabolism and further increases the effectiveness of workouts. Any individual who wants to curb his or her weight can benefit from drinking of this form of the brew.


3) Stress relieving agent

Regular intake of the tea is vital for people who would like to de-stress themselves amid the hectic deeds of daily life. Studies revealed that the Amino Acid L found in it could help you relax and even concentrate better.
4) Preventing gastric disorder

Darjeeling tea can prevent gastric health issues. It can help heal gastric cancer as well as stop the expansion of stomach ulcers. The brew cuts the spread of the bacteria known as Helicobacter Pylori, which can root severe ulcers in the stomach.


5) Making the immune system stronger

Darjeeling tea is also tremendously effective in refining the natural immunity. People who prone to catch a cold or flu easily should consume at least 1 cup of Darjeeling brew on a daily basis. The tea contains a type of enzyme known as Theanine, which can mend the ability of the body to fight infections.


6) Enhancing tooth health

Darjeeling tea, mainly of the black variety, can thwart the waning of the tooth and reduce the formation of the cavity. Daily intake of this tea blends can stop the decay of tooth. Some studies point out that the intake can help terminate cancer-causing organisms and help prevent oral cancer and other cancerous forms.


7) Preventing virus-related infections

Current research has verified that drinking of Darjeeling tea can eradicate germs which cause skin infections, diarrhoea, and other viral infections. Some studies have also claimed that drinking tea can neutralise viruses in the mouth.


8) Antioxidant Compounds

It is proven that Darjeeling tea is rich in antioxidants. You can buy Darjeeling clonal tips tea to get rid of free radicals which can cause damage to your DNA. Consuming tea daily neutralises these problems.


9) Healthy Bones

Regular intake of Darjeeling tea may help you to boosts bone density.


10) Improves Cardiovascular Problems

Studies have verified that steady consumption of Darjeeling black tea, can improve cardiovascular health. It contains elements called flavonoid that may reduce the risk of heart attack.


What makes it a Unique Blend?

Darjeeling tea is eminent for its sugary yet bloomy with a musky zest in the palate. The leaves and buds are zealously plucked to ensure that the class and integrity are maintained. To get the maximum benefit of these organic brews, one should buy Darjeeling tea online from the reputed brand.


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