13 Oct


Durga Puja is that time of the year when Calcutta as a city celebrates- its festival, its food, its tea and its people.


Let us look at some of the favourite ‘Ta’ to our ’Cha’.



No matter how much we indulge in a wide variety of cosmopolitan food choices for breakfast, for the rest of the year- the ten days of the pujas, are reserved for a special comfort food- ‘the luchi’. Typically the first meal of tehe day and served with a side of a comforting potato gravy- breakfast is sandwiched between two cups of an aromatic Darjeeling tea. Although the fan fare may be cumbersome to recreate, our Celebration Series of Darjeeling tea- can recreate the same taste, anywhere, for anyone.

 Karma Kettle




Hot crispy nimkis are typical food during the Pujos, specially with the morning cup. Paired perfectly with our Benaras masala chai, these crunchy goodies are special Pujo fare and remind us of a pantry full of granny’s special snacks , to serve guests during the Pujas.







Every Pandal hopper swears by small pit stops and refuels of jhaal muri and copious amounts of Lebu Cha. If you are away from home, our lebu cha blend will remind you of the comforts of lebu cha, 5pm in the evening or 3 am in the monring!


 Jhal Muri





Since no Pujo crawl is complete with these- let us take some time to appreciate the famous Bengali Cutlet. Available readily on the streets with variety of Fish, Prawns or meats- this is a heavy duty meal when you want something sinful and satiating. Follow it up with a cup of our Kolkata Paan chai, to recollect the memories of walking down heavily lit pathways to hop from one pandal to the next




No Puja is complete, without a plethora of sweets on the last day of the Pujas.

After festivities, as we bid a bittersweet goodbye to the Goddess- we aim to fill our lives with the sweetness of Bengal’s signature ‘mishti’. Far away from home, our nolen gur and khejur cha, will warm you with the same flavor of toffee date pudding that will leave, only a sweet aftertaste.







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