25 Feb

What is Karma Kindness Challenge?

As the number of acts of terrorism increase every single day, it is almost with conscious effort that each of us become a little kinder towards each other, in order to make the world a better place.

At a time when the country is mourning for its loss, it is up to each individual to make small changes in their everyday lives- making things easier for each and every person.

We bring to you with the promise of spring, The KARMA KINDNESS CHALLENGE.

These refer to selfless acts, both large and small, that are committed unexpectedly, without prompting and with no apparent ulterior motive. Examples might include paying for a coffee for the person in line behind you at the coffee shop, helping a person cross the street, or offering to help soothe a crying baby while the parents finish shopping. People generally use the term to refer to acts performed for strangers, but random acts of kindness can also be done for friends and family.


This not only helps build a happier community but also serves the stress. Experts say these acts will have the same trigger in the human body that a relaxing cup of decaf chamomile tea will.

Compassion and kindness also reduce stress, boost our immune systems, and help reduce negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, and depression. When we practice random acts of kindness, … We feel better and the recipients of our acts feel better, which then makes them more likely to be kind to other people.

Each week, we will help you set your own goals for kindness- it could be at work, to strangers or even to allies.


After all, there is nothing a good cup of tea can’t solve 🙂


Click the link to check out video.



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