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A partially oxidised green tea, oolong tea is often considered an in between tea between green and the black variation. This tea tastes from sweet to fruity to somewhere thick and earthy. A gift of nature, oolong tea is packed with antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

The major difference between green tea and oolong is in the processing. While the tea leaves are all green first, these are then heated to stop the natural enzymatic reaction (oxidation) of the leaves. These, when dried, are then rolled intentionally breaking the cell structure. The oolong tea leaves are not broken letting the cell structure stay intact. This processing difference is what makes the best oolong teas even if they are basically from the same plant.

The weight loss tea

Oolong tea and weight loss are often closely related. The biggest advantage of sipping this brewed beverage is that the polyphenol compounds that are present in the tea work effectively in controlling the metabolism in the body. These compounds activate certain enzymes that can trigger the functions of the fat cells in the body.

Research has found that there are two main ways to reduce food related body weight:

  • Increase energy expenditure of the body fat cells
  • Inhibit the absorption of nutrients especially fats and carbohydrates

Caffeine is often considered to increase metabolism and thereby increase the energy expenditure of the body. Drinking two cups of oolong tea for weight loss on a daily basis therefore help reduce body weight as caffeine is one of the active ingredients in oolong tea. In fact, the active compounds present in the tea makes the fat work for you rather than against, rendering weight loss a possibility.

The boosting metabolism tea

Oolong green tea is often packed with powerful antioxidants that enhances the metabolic powers of the body almost by 10% and keeps it going even two hours of consuming this tea. This is why oolong tea is often considered one of the best home remedies for boosting metabolism.

The reducing abdominal fat tea

If you are still considering oolong tea for weight loss, don’t think twice, for even if you follow a high fat diet, oolong tea is effective in preventing obesity. The antioxidants present in the oolong tea often target the fat deposited in the tummy and upper arms and help reduce the harmful LDL cholesterol without any side effects.

The regulating blood sugar tea

Obesity comes with a host of other problems including high blood pressure and blood sugar. Scientific research has found that oolong tea helps curb the craving for unhealthy snacks and sweets and stabilizes the blood sugar levels making you feel balanced and satiated.

Preparing oolong tea

If you want to lose weight by drinking oolong tea it is best to stick with the hot variation rather than make iced tea. This is because as per the study published in the European Journal of Nutrition in 2013 found that drinking hot tea was associated with lowering the body mass index and reducing waist size as compared to those who drank a lot of ice teas.

Research a bit online about where to buy the oolong tea from and you are all set for your weight loss journey. When brewing the tea, use lower temperatures and shorter seeping times so that the beneficial catechins are preserved. The right temperature for oolong is 194 degrees Fahrenheit and with a steeping time of under three minutes. Once ready, sip away this beverage and have a healthy weight loss journey!


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