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You either may be a tea-enthusiast or simply a wellness buff if reading the heading of the article brings you here. Rooibos tea or Red Tea is trending among the millennial, wellness lovers and tea connoisseurs. Today we will share some interesting facts about Red Tea with you.


What is Rooibos tea?


The rooibos plant is endemic to a tiny mountainous part of the western coast of the Western Cape province of South Africa named Cederberg which grows in a symbiotic relationship with provincial micro-organisms. The herbal tea made up of this plant leaf is highly popular across South Africa as Rooibos Tea and in Great Britain and in other provinces of the World as Red Bush or Red Tea. The scientific name of Rooibos is Aspalathuslinearis.
The fermentation process of leaves produces the exclusive reddish-brown colour of rooibos and enriches the flavour- this is usually what we refer to as rooibos tea.


spiced apple rooibos tea

Here, are some of the amazing health benefits you may gain by consuming Rooibos Tea and why it’s so popular in the wellness and fitness world


1. Tannin content is low & free from caffeine and oxalic acid:

Do you know that the absorption of iron & other essential nutrients can be hampered in your body due to your consumption of black or green tea with higher tannin percentage? Rooibos has lower tannin levels than regular black or green tea.

Do you prefer caffeine restricted beverages? Rooibos tea is uniformly caffeine-free, it’s an excellent alternative to black or green tea.

The oxalic acid content in black or green tea may increases the risk of renal stones. So, it’s time to grab rooibos tea which will make you feel safe from the risk factors.


2. Rich in Antioxidants: High levels of health-improving antioxidants like aspalathin and quercetin present in Rooibos may helps protect the cellular system from damage by free radicals and gradually prevents the chances of degenerative diseases like cancer. Animal studies suggest that aspalathin in rooibos tea can help balance blood sugar and boost insulin resistance.


3. Promotes a healthy heart: Inhibition of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) for drinking Rooibos tea indirectly increases the blood pressure level of the sufferers of low blood pressure. It is clinically proven that drinking rooibos tea can also lower “bad” LDL cholesterol and increase “good” HDL cholesterol in those at the risk of heart disease.

In the west, you can easily buy red tea online, with many tea companies and online retailers offering a range of red tea blends.


In case you are thinking of where to buy rooibos tea in India, you can simply click on Karma Kettle to buy the red tea online. Karma Kettle has two Rooibos variants- Table Mountain is a loose leaf Rooibos tea blended with sage, fennel, licorice and black currant, that can be enjoyed at all times of the day. Karma Kettle also sells rooibos teabags in a pyramid teabag format, Savanna is a Spiced Apple Rooibos Tea


spiced apple rooibos tea


Here are some fun facts on  Rooibos Tea which you may find interesting.


1. Rooibos is not exactly a tea, rather a herbal infusion, made from the leaves of the Aspalathuslinearis, which is a part of the legume family of plants that flourish in dry, mountainous regions


2. Local Khoisan tribes of South Africa had long garnered the plant’s leaves, both to make a beverage and also a herbal remedy for a number of diseases. Early Dutch settlers in the area, took to drinking Rooibos tea in place of expensive black tea imported from England.


3. Smoky, sweet, woody, grassy, vanilla, floral, honey, herbal and caramel are just a handful of the words that can describe the unique flavour of Rooibos tea


4. The deep amber red color of brewed red rooibos tea makes it a great natural dying agent for fabric and wool


5.  Rooibos is now being used outside the teacup to be used in ready to drink lattes, Iced teas and mocktails




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  1. Great article. Rooibos tea has so many health benefits, and actually tastes quite nice. It’s also widely used by people looking to lose weight too.

    Sharon Tate July 8, 2020

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