08 Feb

The month of roses, hearts and chocolates is finally here. While the world around us literally turns pink with consumerism, there are a few things that no money can buy, that February brings us. No matter how big a non believer in love we are, February makes sure, we think of love – all the people we love, the small little things we should do for them on Valentine’s Day taking the time to think of ideas for them, or simply soaking in the pampering.


From our eclectic brand of teas, here are a few non-cheesy suggestions for the month of love.


Not reserved for one and only Love is a universal emotion and should be celebrated with each person in our loves who we think of fondly. So call up your teacher from school, drop in a message to your hostel buddy and leave your mother a text telling her how much she means to you. If none of these are possible, go back home, and while you give yourself a warm foot soak, enjoy a cup of Green Tea with Lychee & Roseafter all self love is the best love



Expressions of love need not always mean grand gestures of love, romantic dates, over the top extravaganza. Sometimes it could be the simplest things, like sharing the load of the house, having a long conversation after a tough day or simply detoxifying the day together with a  back rub and a cup of Keya. A ruby red, aromatic silver tips tea, with Rose & Strawberries lift both your spirits and your energy levels.



There are certain things we love that we cannot do without- like our favorite series on Netflix, like shopping online, and hoarding our homes with books. Some people have a particular type way in which they like their toast to be buttered, nails to be manicured and even tea, to be had. We suggest starting the day with a Big Ben, the flavor of real bergamot and rose petals. Soon you too will have a routine for tea- time.



For those who love to travel, one of the greatest joys is bringing back local flavors in food and beverages. It maybe the taste of strawberries from Switzerland, Dates from the Middle East, Lemons from Italy or even Roses from Istanbul. Now, we bring the flavors we have loved , in our travels around the world- to your tea cup.



Tell us which is your favorite rose flavored tea in the comments below!


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