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To quote the curator of this recipe, Natasha Celmi, “Drinking tea is passe…cooking and Creating exciting food with tea is in!”


Earl Grey is an aromatic infusion that bursts with citrus aromas and flavors, this is balanced with the rich, robust flavor of Assam black tea creating an invigorating cup that is a delight to drink especially in the afternoon. Karma kettle Earl Grey is beautifully transformed into a delicious dessert with only a little effort. It tastes so delicate and is super addictive, you should definitely try this easy dessert recipe .


Earl Grey (Big Ben) Pannacotta
What you need-
2 cups fresh cream ( amul fresh cream)
1 cup milk
1 tbsp gelatin powder
2 tbsp water
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup Big Ben tea leaves (approx 4-5) tea bags
Putting it all together-
Boil the cream and milk with the loose tea leaves. Take off heat. Cover and cool till the mix is infused well.
Strain and press down on the tea leaves in the sieve to get all the flavor out.
Bloom the gelatin in a small bowl with the water.
Heat the tea cream mix on a low flame. Add sugar and gelatin and stir till dissolved. Do not let the mix come to a boil.
Take off heat and cool outside. Pour in glasses or ramekins.
Refrigerate for 4-5 hours till set
Garnish with chocolate shavings, nuts, caramel or as you like.
“Big Ben by @karmakettleteas . It’s a very refreshing tea to just sip on or make some interesting desserts with..”
Make this addictive dessert to give a sweet surprise to your favorite people. Share pictures with us on our Social Media and don’t forget to tag Cucina Mia by Natasha Celmi.



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