13 Jun

“Travel does the heart good tea makes the spirit sing”


We present to you the goodness of tea and travel this week with India’s top 5 coolest tea themed retreats you didn’t know about. Enjoy the panoramic views of verdant tea gardens coupled with best of hospitality services secluded from the hustle of city.


Trends in travel across the globe are changing with the passing time; the only constant is the experience which is the heart & soul of any travel story. Such is the story of boutique tea estates across India opening their doors to travellers looking for unique experiences- stay right in the heart of the tea estate and get an understanding of tea cultivation & processing, absorb yourself in the
lush surroundings and submerge in a truly incredible experience


These colonial and intimate home stays/guest houses/ bungalows will definitely satiate the wanderlust within you. They are equipped with all the hospitality services you can image- plush rooms, restaurants, even spas to attract discerning travellers from all across the globe.


So how far can you go to enjoy your steaming cup of tea?

1. Sourenee tea estate, Darjeeling.


The epitome of luxury you can expect in Mirik, Darjeeling. Sourenee is derived from a local name of tree combined with “Rani”,together it stands for queen of valley. This a boutique resort which is 137 hectares long and is in an altitude of 700 m -1300 m , almost 100 years old it is a heritage tea estate stay to give you the right amount of thrill you need. They have not only bespoke picturesque rooms to stay in but they have Jacuzzi, lounge, modern food delicacies: all you need to relax and rejuvenate. Health conscious tea connoisseurs along with tea fanatics this is the perfect getaway you are looking for summer travel destination as they are now certified Organic tea producers, since April 2009.


Tariff- Rs. 23,500 onwards.

2. Wild Masheer, Assam.


A heritage property in the midst of Assam tea garden, within the 22 acre bio diverse heaven of the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark, it has 5 bungalows with 14 rooms. Get soul purifications at this beautiful colonial homestay in Assam with yoga sessions, forest therapy, cooking classes & of course tea tastings. Built by British planters in 1800, this colonial property is a treasure for explorers and adventure sport lovers, tours are conducted here to explore the wild and owing to nearby Brahmaputra river opportunities are thrown your way for river rafting, dolphin watching and lots more.


Tariff- Rs 6,900 onwards

3. Cochrane Place, Kurseong.


A home away from home, nestled in the foothills of Himalayas this is a comfortable place to unwind for your vacation with friends and family. Located just around the famous tea estates of the world Makaibari & Castleton, which produces finest of Darjeeling teas, you are going to put yourself for a treat if you stay at this boutique hotel. Owing its name from Percy John Cochrane, previous owner of this place, it’s a remodelled bungalow from the British era and you get all the lush amenities of a heritage room, award winning restaurant, library, an in-house apiary, spa & vast range of teas to choose from. http://cochraneplacehotel.com/


Tariff – Rs 3000 onwards

4. Nature resorts Kurumba Village, Nilgiri.


Feel the pulse of the Earth in natures lap at Kurumba village resort in the Nilgiris. Kurumba is an ancient tribe in Nilgiris originally belonging from the place; experience their cultural richness with the tours conducted by these resort guides. Indulge yourself in the flavours of Nilgiri tea, an unadulterated chai experience with the froth above just to make you relish it better. Sip the cup of elixir in an abode full of nature’s goodness and a pleasant charm of the plateau area. They have 3 cottages to choose from with Jacuzzi suite, kurumba suite and traditional cottages, along with that ample dining options either be it a barbeque or a dinner at poolside, they are all game for it.


Tariff- Rs 11,000 onwards

5. Sinna Dorai’s Bungalow, Anamallai (Tamil Nadu).


With a huge Tea estate of about 555 acres and more, this tea estate getaway is vast and needs quality time to be explored through. Sinna Dorai, or “the assistant manager’s house”, stands on the property formerly run by GA Carver Marsh, one of the Englishmen who first cultivated tea on these ranges. They have massive goals for a traveller’s wanderlust, from tea trails to planning a picnic on hills, you can go on a wild safari tour or for all corporate & business enthusiasts they have conferencing facilities too just to bring out the innovation & strategy quo.


Tariff- Rs 7,650 onwards.

These are the top 5 Tea estate homestays & colonial bungalows in India, which we have summed up for you. Tea lovers paradise, we claim these to be exhilarating, thrilling and visually impeccable locations where you can enjoy peace, nature and gastronomy with a cup of tea.


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