17 May

Tepidophobia is the fear of a badly-made cup of tea. Yes, the feeling has a literal word now. It is when someone makes a generous offer of treating you to some freshly -brewed, homemade tea and you feel those butterflies in your stomach, petrified about the consistency, the flavour and even the colour.



While a lot of individuals feel that this is not a good reason to say no to a warm cup of tea (click here: https://amzn.to/2KMfUvT), some staunchly believe that it boils down to “my way or the highway”. It bothers you that even though tea is a common beverage, very few have mastered the art of making the perfect brew.


Here are a few signs that you have Tepidophobia:


  1. You hesitate to buy restaurant tea unless a close friend has convinced you that it is the bestseller of the place.
  2. You like a uniform shade of tea wherever you go,
  3. Plain tea without any hint of spice is a big no for you
  4. Sometimes, it’s hard to trust yourself with making tea – what if it tastes mediocre?




It is one of the strangest kinds of phobias identified in recent times. Having Tepidophobia constantly motivates you to prepare a wonderful cup of tea for yourself and your close ones.


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