20 Nov

Winter season is all about wine and dine, merry-making and celebrating Christmas. Amidst the celebrations we forget about the most important thing, which is our health. Workouts becomes less due to the freezing cold, on top of that we keep on adding those calories from trial cakes, hot brownies, grilled meat, sweet desserts, what not!

Well, eating all carbs and hibernating the whole winter won’t burn any of your calories. It is important in today’s date to maintain a healthy lifestyle to stay fit and detox your body periodically for a well balanced inner chakra. We have some remedies that will not a cut hole in your pocket will not drain out your energy and will leave you enough room for one more piece of cake for dessert.

  • Start with morning detox

Karma KettleWaking up early on winter mornings can be a huge pain for some, but once when you adapt your body to early mornings then there is no better cure for your body. First thing you need to do to start with the healthy lifestyle is detox water; it cleans your body toxics and refreshes your entire system. Soak one cucumber, ginger pieces and mint leaves in a litre of water, overnight. In morning before you brush or eat any food, take a clean glass and mix this water with luke warm water and drink it. This water cuts your belly fat, removes toxics from your body, helps increase the metabolism and all the ingredients have a great effect on your heart & mind.

  • Go for an early morning run

Karma KettleAlthough we try to fit in our running sessions throughout the day but the best run or walk is done right only early morning. Reason being less – pollution in air, lesser crowd, lack of sun ray (it contains ultra violet rays which are harmful for skin) and you get to see a great view of the sun rise. Energize yourself for the rest of the by having a post run tea session with caffeine a free tea or herbal tea, karma Kettle savanna (rooibos tea with spiced apple) is the best power booster which is great for health and easy on pocket.

  • Workout regime

KarmakettleStart with preparing yourself for the cold, as the workout warms up the body the temperature outside doesn’t change accordingly. So it’s important we wear cold resistant clothes and make the fitness regime adaptive to the weather. Along with warm clothes, we will require yoga mat or gym mat for continuing with the exercise. We start the regime with static warm up exercises and then move on to cardio and specific area of the body related exercises. As we move on to different patterns of work out we should take one minute of rest atleast to allow the body to loosen up for the next exercise. We end our exercise with a good five minutes rest to sweat it out and end with shower, thus cleaning any sweat or dead cells to refresh mind & body.

  • Nutrition

KarmaKettleThis is very important to help the fitness regime, as the winter time is here we tend not to follow any particular diet and that is the reason we should take drinks or food which balance our nutrition regime. Any fruit salad with citrus content will cut down the fat, or a good grilled meat salad which will help to increase the protein content in your body. Drinks like carrot juice or apple juice heals your body internally and boosts metabolism. Karma Kettle Matcha latte and unflavoured iced teas helps to curb te toxicity and extra fat that gets accumulated post meal. These are easily available in grocery stores or web stores and have a really good shelf life.

  • End your day with inner peace

KarmaKettleFor a healthy lifestyle inner sanity is as important as your workout regime. Get yourself a good cup of hot chocolate, listen to good music, and try helping other people always in whatever way you can or just get a good read. Do whatever that makes you happy, before you go to bed make sure you go to sleep feeling happy about yourself. Happiness improves your blood circulation and helps with that afterglow also make sure you get atleast six to eight hours of sleep each day for a fitter you. Karma Kettle Chamomile tea before bedtime is a great relaxer and helps you sleep peacefully.


All the above adds up to your healthy lifestyle and makes you a better person by the day. It is better to invest in your health today rather than taking up an insurance for the future. These remedies are for sure to make you more fit if you follow them regularly and more importantly if you take it up as a habit.


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