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Green Tea with Tulsi,Ginger & MarigoldAnanda - Green tea with tulsi, ginger and marigold
Big Ben - Earl Grey tea with rose
Birdsongwhite tea with lavender and cockscombe flowers
Bliss- Chamomile & LemongrassBliss - Chamomile & Lemongrass Tea - Caffeine Free
Blue Lagoon Tea- Butterfly pea flower, lemongrass & kafir limeblue butterfly pea flower tea
Double Happiness brew
Karakoram- Lavender, Seabuckthorn & NettleKarakoram - Lavender, Sea buckthorn and Nettle Tea
Keyawhite tea with rose and strawberries
Moksha- black tea with peppermint, vanilla & lotus leafMoksha - Black Tea with Vanilla, Peppermint and lotus leaf
Nathula- Rhododendron, Tulsi & MarigoldNathula- Rhododenron, Tulsi & Calendula
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