A delightful collection of teas inspired by the colorful festive season. We've put together 5 awesome teas that perfectly fit into any festive season hamper.

Festive special Kashmiri Kahwa 25 gms- Our best selling blend by far combines whole leaf green tea with almonds, cardamom, saffron & apricots to create what we call a jewel in a teacup

Diwali Special Chai 40 gms- A twist to our best selling Paan Chai blend, this delightful chai hits some refreshing notes thanks to the addition of betel leaves

Festive special Green tea, Lychee & Rose 25 gms - Another best seller, green tea perfectly marries the aromatic and fruit lychee & rose, to create an unforgettable blend

Festive special Green tea, Lavender & Rose 25 gms- A relaxing and calming blend, perfect way to end the a day of festivities, Aromatic lavender and rose, will transport you to a Zen state of mind

Festive special Hojicha and Chamomile- Another calming blend of hojicha and chamomile. Hojicha has become a tea connoisseurs favorite with its low caffeine & toasty flavors. When blended with chamomile, it soothes the spirits.

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