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Marrakech – Green Tea with Spearmint

Green tea with spearmint

Marrakech is a delightfully refreshing infusion of green tea, spear mint leaves, peppermint flakes, ginger bits & lemon peel making it a delight to drink at anytime of the day.
Green tea is hailed for its health benefits which include improved brain function, fat loss and lowering the risk of cancer amongst others


Tasting Notes

Marrakech has a citrus aroma and yields refreshing flavors of mint which are well balanced with the herbal vegetal notes of green tea



Caffeine Level

None Low Medium High

Brew the  Perfect Cup

Measure Temperature Time Milk
spoon thermometer clock milk
1 teaspoon  85°C 3-4 mins No


Whole leaf green tea, spearmint, peppermint, ginger bits, lemon peel


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