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Seville- Oolong tea with mandarin orange 

Seville is an exotic blend of oolong tea with mandarin orange peel. It combines the smoky yet smooth flavour of oolong tea with the citrus aromas of mandarin orange peel. The polyphenol compound found in oolong tea is very effective in controlling the metabolism of fat in the body. It is commonly believed that daily consumption of oolong tea can reduce obesity. Mandarin orange peel and other spices impart an unusual yet desirable different flavor dimension to this invigorating tea


Tasting Notes
Seville strikes a perfect balance of citrus, found in orange peel, and smooth flavor of Oolong tea. Cardamom and cloves have been added to this blend rendering an irresistible aroma to an exotic blend that will take to heartlands of Andaluscia

Caffeine Level

None Low Medium High


Brew the  Perfect Cup

Measure Temperature Time Milk
spoon thermometer clock milk
1 teaspoon  85°C 3-4 mins No


Oolong tea, mandarin orange peel, cardamom


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