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Ancient Healing-Moringa tea


Heal your body with our Wellness tea collection. Incorporating ancient herbs & remedies from Ayurveda, these teas work deep inside your body to rejuvenate your senses.

Moringa has high levels of polyphenols and is a miracle tea loaded with antioxidants that strengthen your immune system




Tasting Notes

This blend has a subtle sweet aroma from moringa leaves, licorice provides a rich finish & stevia adds a mild sweet taste – ending the blend on a harmonious note.
It works effectively at balancing the doshas in your body



Caffeine Level

None Low Medium High


Brew the  Perfect Cup

Measure Temperature Time Milk
spoon thermometer clock milk
1 teaspoon  85°C 3-4 mins No


Organic Green Tea, Guava leaf, Moringa leaf, Moringa flower, Senna powder, Hibiscus flakes, Stevia leaf, Licorice powder, Vetiver Rootpowder, Fire flame bush flower


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