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Tahiti- Tropical Berry Iced Tea

Get ready to relax on a hammock.

Tahiti, our signature Iced tea, brews to a beautiful ruby color and is loaded with jammy notes from strawberries.

You’ll be wanting more in no time!

Tasting Notes

Karma Kettle’s Tahiti is a fruity delight. It brews to a striking pink-ruby cup and is loaded with jammy flavours making it the perfect companion for warm sunny days!


Caffeine Level

None Low Medium High


Brew the  Perfect Cup

Measure Temperature Time Milk
spoon thermometer clock milk
1 teaspoon 105 °C 3-4 mins No


Hibiscus flower Strawberry

Hibiscus flowers, Cockscombe flowers & Natural strawberry flavour



₹300 25 teabags in standee pouch

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